Dating Coach

Welcome to the landing page for the Dating Coach podcast I co-host with Wendi Schuller.

We help men and women jump-start their dating life. If you are a man interesting in meeting a woman, we can help you with reducing approach anxiety, knowing what to say, and how to ask a women for her email or phone number.

If you are a woman interesting in meeting a man, we can help with how to get the man you are interested in to notice you and to talk to you. We can help with ideas for first dates, love and relationship advice.

We offer phone and video call coaching. What ever you need is, we're here to help.

Got questions? We have answers. Contact me or Wendi one of us will get back to you for a free confidential consultation. Do it now. Your life is waiting.

If you would like to get in contact with Wendi directly, click here.