Daniel's journey to Sky

I was born in Cleveland, home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and started taking piano lessons early in life. We moved to Arizona to get away from the snow. 

When I was twelve I started playing the piano in church, causing the priest to dance down the isle. I sold home recordings on cassette tapes. Anyone know what those are? I was also the piano accompanist for the high school choir. Some called me the next Liberace (I didn't know who that was). I had a stronger desire to play hard rock music and took up the bass, playing in hard rock bands. 

I  got an engineering degree and worked at Motorola for a while where I was the top computer expert and in charge of a process called Boron tri-chloride (BCl3), still used by the solar panel industry. (It creates a lot of air and water pollution and is not good for the planet nor green). I left semiconductor when in a flash of insight I considered the world didn't need more computers and there had to be something more fulfilling to do with my life - finding the right music, that which will inspire and uplift people, moving them to change and happiness.

I moved to a small town and ended up working as a handyman when my landlord noticed me fixing up the apartment, said I seemed handy, and offered me a job. I soon had so much work I didn’t know what to do with it all. Then one day I started to get sick and was tired all the time. So I started investigating and wrote Healthy Living Spaces, a best-seller. I believe the most significant element is mental health: what's the dream you're not doing? And what's stopping you from doing it?

Like music, rock climbing has always been a passion of mine. It’s more of an escape from reality than conquering the mountains. Just like all the songs in the universe haven’t been written, all of the mountains in the world haven’t been climbed. You just have to throw away the map and get lost so you can find your way. I'm known for my routes in Zion National Park where I've done more first ascents of unclimbed mountains there than anyone in history. Click here to see the guide book I wrote. Those of you who do not climb, I promise you'll be entertained by the stories. Expert climbers seem to enjoy reading about my adventures more than repeating them.

Anyone who’s been in a band can tell you how frustrating it is when a band breaks up after you spend time committed to it. So when I was fired (or quit depending on who you ask) for having a bad attitude (I didn’t drink enough to keep up with my band mates and I wanted to play music more so than taking long smoking breaks), I went solo. I picked up the acoustic guitar. I've self-released several albums, more than 50 tracks, and have written and performed with Donovan.

I recently got sucked back into the technology trap, with good intentions. It took me a long time to figure out how to write good songs and I wanted to share my process with those who don't play an instrument or write music. I designed and programmed an app I named Song Chef. It allows anyone to write a song by choosing what they want to write about. It's not driven by AI, rather a painstaking method of mine, so the song a user writes is authentic and heartfelt.

Say it with a song. Download Song Chef and start expressing yourself. I also designed the logo and merch (t-shirts, hats, stickers, mugs, hoodies) too. That was fun. Click here to visit the store.

I feel the competitive world today is limiting what humanity is capable of by stressing extreme specialization. It may be more productive to be well-rounded, a hat I refer to as being a “Renaissance” person. Leonardo da Vinci was a designer, artist, engineer, and scientist. I  will never be da Vinci or Donovan and don’t aspire to. Those are taken. Be yourself. I'm Daniel Isle Sky. Thanks for listening to my music. I hope it brightens your day and uplifts your sprit.

I've written twelve books and been a guest on hundreds of radio and television shows. Listen on Spotify, Pandora, or any streaming platform. Have a listen, enjoy, and follow your dream. 

I’m Coming Over (2012)
Just Me (2013)
What If (2014)
Waiting For You (2016)


Lucky (2021)
Lean on Me (2021)
Home is Here (2021)
Love's Like Fish'n (2021)