This is a project I did with climbers. the band name was conceived during a trip to Alaska.

The Moose are: Daniel Isle Sky, Courtney Purcell (CP) and Deann Purcell (DB). A cast of roaming herd include Luca Baradel, Ephrat Baradel, Ayelet Bitton and Keith Reyes. 

The moose wrote their first song, “It’s Just a Scramble," at a Thanksgiving rendezvous in Zion National Park. 

The name for the band came as we were preparing to perform to park rangers, camp ground staff, and campers at Lake Eklutna in Alaska.

It’s Just a Scramble
Music by Daniel Isle Sky. 

Lyrics by Daniel Isle Sky, Luca and Ephrat Baradel, Ayelet Bitton, C.P. (Courtney Purcell) and D.B. (Deann Purcell) © 2015, 2016

I’m 500 feet below the summit                                                                                     
It’s 9:48, I love you            
If I can make this move            
I’ll come right back to you

C.P. told me
It’s just a scramble 
Bush is looking dry
Hope it’s gonna fly

I only have a 30, 8 mil rope
No climbing shoes, only my boots
The rock is steep and loose
The route descriptions 
Are no god damn use

C.P. told me 
It’s just a scramble
Without a #2
It’s a gamble

I know you’re wondering
Have some faith
Climbing’s not suppose to be safe 
I walked my feet up
I grabbed the hold
Made the summit
It’s getting cold

I’m down and safe now
I didn’t drill a bolt
I left the adventure for the bold

la la la la
la la la

It’s just a scramble

By Daniel Isle Sky, Courtney Purcell (CP), Deann Purcell (DB), Keith Reyes ©2016.

Written when Sky visited the heard in August during their last days as summer campground hosts at Eklutna Lake in Alaska. Some moose like to swim. Recorded at Sky’s home when the moose were grazing past. Lead vocal by CP. Djembe hand drum played by DB. Parts were added at Pacific Beat Recording Studio in San Diego. 

Birds and berries, twigs and stones                                
Up at Eklutna I’m makin’ my home                          
Out in the woods I‘m feeling fine                                                                                   
At Eklutna

Floatin’ on the lake, paddle’n with friends
Start’n to wish this summer won’t end
Staying up late in the midnight sun 
At Eklutna

Hangin with Mookie and Dangerous Dan
Dimples, Michele, Vicki, Kerry and Keith 
The Ranger Man 
At Eklutna

Shake’n that snow globe watch’n it change
Bear and moose both make’n their way   
Trees and mountains wish’n we could stay
At Eklutna