Lyrics & Song Stories

A beautiful collection of the lyrics written by Daniel Isle Sky as they appear in the songs on his albums. Includes pictures and the songwriter's commentary and stories behind writing and recording the songs. Available in paperback and hard cover.

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Because You Can

The rate and speed of change in the business world and people's lives is faster than ever. There are people and companies looking at mountains that need to be climbed, and for various reasons, they may not think they can climb them. They may be scared or not know how to get started. In Because You Can, Daniel outlines how the principles used to climb mountains can be used to help:

- Overcome fear so you can pioneer your own way
- Take on a challenge you've not taken on before.
- Understand the secret to making no-lose decisions
- Become empowered with beliefs to try new things
- Master the art of transforming uncertainty into positive action to move ahead
- Create a personal roadmap for setting and attaining goals and success

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love & Relationships

Are you shy? Are you a man who doesn't know any good pickup lines?Are you a woman who spends the middle of the week, on-line, trying to find a date before the weekend?

In How to Get a Date Tonight, you will learn: 
♡ What men and women really find attractive
♡ The best pick-up lines
♡ The best places to meet people
♡ How a woman can get a man to make the first move
♡ The best way to ask for a phone number
♡ How long you should wait before calling a girl
♡ How to know if it's OK to kiss her
♡ The best and worst places to go on a first date
♡ Internet dating strategies that will get you noticed

The only book for both men and women looking for a meaningful connection.

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