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Make your dream date come true. Today.

Based on a true story. I was in a band, yet didn't know how to talk to women and was too shy to ask someone out on a date. I made the effort and learned how to talk to strangers and beautiful people while staying in my power and being my self. My intention is to share what I learned with others so they can meet the man or woman of their dreams. Note, this book is written for both men and women. 

Wishing you luck in love! 

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I help men and women jump-start their dating lifes. If you are a man interesting in meeting a woman, I can help you with reducing approach anxiety, knowing what to say, and how to ask a women for her email or phone number. If you are a woman interesting in meeting a man, I'll thell you how to get a man you are interested in to notice you and to make the first move talk to you. You''l get fresh ideas for first dates, love and relationship advice. Phone or video call coaching. What ever you need is, I'm here to help. Contact me for a free confidential consultation. Do it now. Your life is waiting.

I also co-host a podcast with Wendi Schuller we call the Dating Coach. Listen on Spotify or Apple. 


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